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Thread: Usc

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    Jul 2012


    Not sure if this is a big deal or not but I thought some of you might find this interesting. I know a lot of people don't like Kiffin.

    Recruit decommits from USC after Lane Kiffin defers his scholarship three days before he

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    Nov 2011
    Back to back underachieving seasons will result in Kiffin's job. USC ended miserably at 7-6. Their alumni don't mind the ugly media parade if the Trojans win, however that wasn't the case this year.

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    This actually is an unfortunate situation for USC and Fitts. A player was supposed to graduate in December that would allow Fitts to take his scholarship and he didn't graduate. Had USC pulled that players scholly, we would be reading the negative impact of that. In normal years, this probably isn't an issue to surface at most schools, but since USC is dealing with the reduction in scholarships, this is a harder juggling act.

    That said, Kiffin is still an ass.

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    USC Trojans scuffle post-bowl defeat, sources say - ESPN Los Angeles

    Throwing haymakers in the locker room. I really hope they keep Kiffin. One less team to worry about stealing our thunder.

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    USC is a mess....I love it!
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