Could Kelly be a great NFL coach?
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Thread: Could Kelly be a great NFL coach?

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    Could Kelly be a great NFL coach?

    How Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Can Spark 'Moneyball' Revolution In NFL | ThePostGame

    I know this is a long article, but a great read if you have the time. I am on base with pretty much everything said here, and it could only be a matter of time before the NFL challenges their system. I guess we will have to see, but I would love to see Kelly coach in the NFL at least as a OC. Makes me want to root for the ducks all the way to the NC. Plus Alabama could use a smack down.

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    Good article.

    I do think Kelly could be successful, but it would take some time. I think Kelly's system works really well when his offensive athletes are faster than most everyone on defense, it's all about speed. I think it would take awhile to acquire the kind of players he would need through the draft/trade/free agency to make his offense click they way he wants it to. Lets say the Ducks win the BCS title, and Kelly leaves Oregon to coach the Cardinals. Ain't no way his offense will light up scoreboards with a slow Beanie Wells and a group of unmobile QBs (Kolb & Skeleton). But maybe it could work right away for the Eagles, with Vick, McCoy, and guys on the outside like Maclin & Jackson. It would have to be the right fit.

    Like the article said, as far as changing the way the game is played, I think his style could catch on quick. I love that he isn't afraid to push it on 4th down or going for 2 rather than the extra points. But would he still do that when his guys on offense are no quicker than the guys on the other side of the ball? I dunno...

    Either way, I really like Chip Kelly, and I hope the Ducks go undefeated this season and get a shot at Bama.

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    Chip has decided to stay at Oregon.

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    NO. He wants to much power to run a program that is given to college coaches. I do not think he would like a GM looking over his back. Besides NIKE does not own an NFL team, yet.

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