I took a quick look at this years final standings and there were some surprises and some interesting observations.

First the Obvious:

You could break our conference in to 4 segmants.
1. Oregon and Stanford were in a league by themselves, and deserve the top 10 rankings.
2. UCLA and OSU not far behind....Both over achieved and deserve top 20 rankings.
3. UA, asu, UW, and usc...pretty much middle of the road, and all showed serious promise.
4. Utah, Cal, WSU, and CO....really were BAD to horrible....I wish asu was in this group.

The Surprises:
A) Arizona, asu, ucla, OSU and Stanford.
The "Did what we thought" group:
B) Oregon and UW, and CO
The failed to meet expectations" Group:
Everyone else...again, wish asu was here.

The PAC will have 8 bowl teams, which is a very strong showing and I expect most of them to fair well....and win.

In closing, I am not sure about the rest of you, but I can't wait to see Carey rip apart another "D" in the upcoming bowl game....Is it to early to start talking Heisman watch for him next year?